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5 CV writing tips

Writing a Curriculum Vitae (the posh name for a CV) is an important step towards reaching your dream career, and nailing it can bag serious brownie points when it comes to progressing through the recruitment process. As a leading recruiter of some of the best...

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5 tips for writing the perfect application

Behind every good employee, there is a strong application. To you it may just be a piece of paper, but to your employer it is a vital first glimpse into who you are as a person and what you could bring to their business. With this in mind, here are out five top tips...

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5 ways to boost your productivity

Productivity can make or break your day, particularly if you’re trying to prepare for that big interview, apply for your dream job, or just trying to get tasks done around the house. Being able to focus and power through your workload can seem like a daunting task,...

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Why agency work suits parents

Parenthood is a fulltime job in itself. Actual employment is often a distant memory when hungry children are circling like sharks in the kitchen or playing tug of war with your new jacket. Finding work that can fit around your life as a parent can sometimes be as...

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The benefits of working for an agency

At Carefree 247, we're proud to be an agency working with committed and hard-working nurses and healthcare assistants who enjoy the lifestyle that agency work offers. But what exactly is the attraction of agency work, and why do so many people choose it? Flexibility...

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Why is the flu jab so important?

It’s that time of year again (I know, it’s come around far too fast!), when letters about the flu jab are sent to those who may be vulnerable, encouraging them to visit their local GP surgery to receive the Flu jab. But what exactly is it, and why is it important? The...

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5 tips for perfecting that job interview

Look the part It might seem obvious, but the importance of first impressions and appearances can’t be understated, in fact around 62% of employers in a 2014 poll considered a candidates dress sense to have a huge impact on their employability. Whilst a candidate...

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