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Customer Service Jobs

Caring for customers

Supporting businesses and problem solving

Carefree 247’s dedicated call centre staff form the backbone of large retailers and business’ throughout the region, providing vital customer services to those who need it most.

Our call centre advisors are an integral part of our business, and allow for our core values to be communicated directly to customers to the benefit of our Clients.

The ability to provide staff who are dedicated, honest and reliable has allowed us to establish a brand our Clients can trust, and you could be the perfect fit to join our vibrant team.

All of our telecommunications staff receive full training from our Clients before they commence any of their shifts, ensuring they’re in the best position possible to serve customers.

Why work for Carefree 247?


A dedication to providing you with quality assignments


Office support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Personal, friendly service


A variety of work opportunities


Full training from Clients