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At Carefree 247, we’re proud to be an agency working with committed and hard-working nurses and healthcare assistants who enjoy the lifestyle that agency work offers. But what exactly is the attraction of agency work, and why do so many people choose it?


One of the major benefits of agency nursing, and one of the main reasons that a lot of people choose to pursue it is due to the flexibility that it offers.

You may have heard the phrase ‘work when you want’ thrown about on job adverts, but few positions truly offer a work-life balance that allows you to truly choose what hours are best for you to work. Because of how an agency works, shift times and patterns can vary greatly, but the power to take on these shifts is always in the hands of nurses and healthcare assistants.

Having the option to choose where you work is also a refreshing take on employment, and agency work offers you this. We can’t vouch for other agencies, but at Carefree 247 we don’t ask for reasons if you choose not to work at a particular facility again, it’s part of what makes our relationship with our staff so fluid and friendly. We want out nurses and care assistants to be happy.


Variety is the spice of life, why can’t it be the spice of work?

Agency work allows you to experience a variety of different settings, meet new faces and conquer different challenges, something that many people would never experience working in the same setting throughout their career.

For some, agency work can be a short term solution that allows them to visit numerous different facilities and settle on what career pathway they choose to follow. For others, the variety is a viable long term career option. Whatever your reason, the variety of work and locales can be a welcome breath of fresh air.

Career progress

Working for an agency isn’t just a flexible and varied experience, but also a serious way to futher your career and shape you into a more well-rounded healthcare professional. Whether you’re a nurse, advanced nurse practitioner or a healthcare assistant, the assignments and training provided by an agency can have a positive effect on your growth and future prospects.

Carefree 247 provide additional training courses to refresh the skills of our staff, and ensure our nurses meet the requirements for revalidation, keeping us at the forefront of healthcare staffing, and enabling our nurses to be ready for any challenge they may face.

Whilst we only hire healthcare professionals with experience, our training sessions have proved to be popular to those who may have had questions or queries regarding certain practices.