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Networking sounds like a technical term that belongs in the vocabulary of a computer technician, but in reality it’s a term that should be found in the mouths of every job hunter and dream chaser.

Networking is building relationships with likeminded individuals, decision makers and potential employers, something that in this digital age has become easier than ever. With the world at your fingertips, getting started is as easy as setting up an online profile on websites such as LinkedIn or Facebook, opening up an enormous plethora of potential networking avenues to pursue.

However, it doesn’t just exist in the digital world. Face-to-face networking is the ‘traditional’, and still considered to be the most effective, form of networking, allowing you to meet potentially helpful individuals in an informal, organised setting. The nature of these events mean that delegates will not be opposed to you asking any burning questions, something that may be awkward to do in any other situation.

Further, networking events allow you the opportunity to sell yourself to potential employers in the flesh and showcase the skills you have at your disposal to people that really matter. An impressive CV can certainly sway a potential employer, but nothing beats speaking to and impressing them in person and showcasing your personality. If you can make a lasting impression, a networking event can be more valuable than an exemplary CV.

The physical nature of networking events can also prove beneficial when it comes to building contacts to help you after you land your dream job. Being able to call upon a friendly face for advice or assistant can be a huge help when faced with a problem or dilemma in your new job, and can help solidify relationships, ensuring they will also be of benefit later on in your career.

Looking to the future, networking events also provide opportunities to explore what options may lay ahead in your future, and allow you to plan accordingly. Through gaining an understanding of your future career path, you can make educated decisions in the present moment to help you achieve your long-term goals.

Even if you don’t manage to make the cut for your dream job, networking can often link you to other related roles within your desired field. The bigger you’re contact book, the more opportunities that will come your way.